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If you are looking for

  • preventative ways to be healthier,
  • to boost your immune system,
  • to increase your nutrient intake and absorption with the food you eat, 
  • ways to reduce your pain, 
  • just become an all around healthier person,
  • you will find answers and organic solutions here.

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The Truth About The Health Current Events-and much more!

I promise to always tell you the truth, regardless of how hard it might be to listen to.

I will be writing about my research, many times contrary to what we are being told in the media, or the greedy companies promoting poisons.

In the Immune System pages you will find foods that boost and help maintain your immunity, and all the 'how and why' of the body's organs that play a part in that.

In the Nutrition pages there is a free calculator for you to gauge your own foods to have the highest nutritional value possible. Learn the nutritional needs of the body, and the foods to eat to get the highest nutrition possible.

The Vitamin pages are specially focused on particular vitamins, the need to have them, deficiency symptoms, and the foods to find them in. It also warns about the use of synthetic vitamins, and how to find safe ones.

The Essential oil pages are not just ads, but facts to back up the effectiveness and benefits of essential oils I have first hand experienced, over the last fifty years. Learn how I use them to cleanse my house, my body, my mind, my spirit.

I also cook up some easy Healthy Recipes and show you all the nutritional values per serving or dish. Then I give examples of how to shop for them. 

I welcome all comments, submissions, and love it when you share this knowledge.

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