Circular Knitting Machine

I bought my first circular knitting machines.  For over sixty years, I have had flat beds, looms, I crochet and knit, plus all types of other crafts. 

I wanted the best in order to get the full gravity of what these machines could do, so I went to the top...or let's say Germany.  

I decided on the 'I Want IT All - Addi MEGA PRO Set'. It has two Addi Knitting Machines, the King size 46 needle, and the Express 22 needle. These have the improved counter, and includes and Express Hook, replacement needles, stoppers, and Pattern Books.

Due to it being the Christmas season, the shipping has been slower than snails in winter.  I will let you know how long it actually takes to get it here.
UPDATE: It took from Dec. 17th until January 10th to get here.

So, while I was impatiently waiting for my Addis to show up, I decided to give a competitor a try as well.  I am told it is the size I will need for larger hats, or for men's sizes.

This is the Sentro 48 Needle Knitting Machine.  This model has a tension setter, and I have heard different stories about that, so I will let you know.

It does come with the essential tools, but many people get yarn in their package that just isn't worth much, so don't depend on that.  I got mine from a very reputable dealer, everything was included, the yarn that came with it was gorgeous, and she has been there to help and support me all the way.  I couldn't have made a better choice.  

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