Easy Aromatherapy Recipes

Try these easy aromatherapy recipes to experience the various benefits of each oil or blend of oils.

I use my diffuser in my home and have two that have lasted for years. However, on the go, when it's too humid out, I will use my trusty little ones below.

These are great little waterless aromatherapy diffusers.  They are compact and portable, plus operate on either 2-AA batteries or with a USB cord that comes with it.  

There's a silent fan inside that broadcasts your chosen fragrance into the air. With three replaceable micro-absorbing pads, you can use three different scents...just choose.

Each will scent about 100 Sq. feet, and has a soft light and on/off push button use.

I use my purple one to diffuse lavender at night for better sleep.  

My Orange one is for my citrus blends to boost me throughout the day.  

Lastly, in my green diffuser I use for an extra in the living room with my favorites patchouli and frankincense.

Amazon and Spa Room are selling these for $9.00 and up.  If you a Prime member, or it has free shipping, they are a good deal. See those here. Purple (most affordable at time of this posting) and Orange &  Green too expensive.  

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