Easy Aromatherapy Recipes

Try these easy aromatherapy recipes to experience the various benefits of each oil or blend of oils.

I use my diffuser in my home and have two that have lasted for years. However, on the go, or when it's too humid out, I will use my trusty little gadgets.

These are great little waterless aromatherapy diffusers.  They need NO water or heat!  Use them at home or in your car.  Just attach your essential oil bottle onto it and you are set.  

Now get this, you can set it to whatever strength you want using your cell phone!  Just think, turn it on right before you have to drive someone somewhere...or just because you like it.

It is safe, BPA Free, and 100% portable.

Here are two other diffusers I have in my house-mostly for winter use as it humidifies the air as it disinfects it.  These have lasted me about three years as of this writing 

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