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Need someone to evaluate website progress for long-term success? I am a constant and here to stay.

As my long-time associates, clients, and friends know, I have built over 1100 websites, ghostwritten and published for others for thirty-five years now.

Although my specialty was SBI websites, I also do all the services necessary for success on all other platforms.

Many years ago, I ended a high-paying job for several reasons, mainly because I couldn't push my clients financially as instructed. I had too big a heart, was the claim.

However, I listened to my clients, and I knew it wasn't good for them, or they just weren't ready for upgrades yet. I am not sure if I got fired or if I quit; it was mutual.

However, I kept building SiteBuildIt (now SoloBuildIt, and SBI for short) for myself and my clients, and I still do so today.

Why did I stay with the company? Mainly because of the 80+ onboard tools. You can see and evaluate website progress daily with the thousands of dollars in software built into Site Central! No more downloading clunky plugins (where the best ones cost the most); this is all in one place, all for one price.

If you compare SBI with other web platforms, there is no comparison to SBI...it just has it all. If you have further questions, you may ask them below, and you might also help others.

The Action Guide pulls all the information you need into one place. It is a step-by-step process that works. You will learn each step in written, video, and mobile formats. 

You never need to install updates, add tools, or learn knowledge-heavy modules. You'll never waste time or money on another pitch for another "must-have" plugin or tool. If it is effective, it's all here. 

Support is Free 24/7 for all your questions and needs. They have great forums the most helpful, noise-free, business-minded community anywhere - you may be a solopreneur, but you are never alone! I am always here to help you, or you can contact SBI directly. Let them know Jill (GeekBuddy1) sent you.

Need Help Building a SBI Website?

I love building them for others! I listen, let you lead me, and work within your budget. I will use my learned skills of two decades of expertise in your project. Do-It-Yourself, but don't do it alone, is my motto. See a great testimony to my work.

You will have personalized one-on-one help making your site a success. I will provide the guidance and instruction to get you up and running as quickly as possible. I evaluate website progress and can help with SEO, website traffic, business guidance, keyword research, and usages, refining your niche/focus, training using our products, shopping carts, and a variety of other third-party products, and that's just a tiny part of what I can help you with.

Sessions offered are via email, telephone, or Web technology. We will interact in real-time during your sessions as you view products, how-to's, and modules and go through the training/mentoring process together, tailor-made to your needs and goals!

Evaluate Website or Build One Here

Your Website has the best chance of succeeding if built on the best foundation. Custom work includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Site Concept Research: Research 3 potential Site Concepts and provide recommendations via email. 3 Hours

  • Niche Brainstorm: Brainstorm and research of your pre-determined and viable Site Concept. 3 Hours ( Add+2 Hours for Blueprint Time)

  • Meta Tags: Writing of enticing Title and Description meta tags for ten pages on your site. 10 Pages per Hour

  • Monetization Mix: Research the monetization potential of your site concept and recommend a monetization mix for your niche with suggestions for implementation. 1 Hour

There are so many other tasks I can perform for you, and within your budget.  Let's talk...

SBI Affiliate Program-Another Reason to Stick With SBI!

From SBI, here are some great reasons to join the Affiliate Program.

  • 60% commission on new SBI! and SBI! for WP annual sales
  • 200% commission on new SBI! monthly sales
  • 100% commission on new SBI! for WP monthly sales
  • No cost to sign up
  • Checks mailed monthly or deposited via PayPal

Recommending SBI! to your audience can be a powerful income stream for you. Join our affiliate program for free, start referring folks and earn really high commissions!

They have a fantastic Affiliate Program, and you can even download a FREE copy of the Affiliate Masters Course here.

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