The Best Crock Pot Recipes

Every family has their own 'best crock pot recipes'.  I'll show you ours, and you post yours at the bottom.

This has been a real 'go to' meal for at least four generations, and is the easiest crock pot or stove top dish to make, tastes great, and its nutritious. (Pictures coming soon)

The Best Crock Pot Recipes Challenge

When planning meals, I always use my Nutrition Calculator, and love it.  This is an invitation (or challenge) to you to use the calculator by adding your recipe ingredients, and taking a screen shot of the results. Then post it with your review of your experience. You can remain anonymous, but at least use your initials ;)

Here is an example of how to to find your values.

All my meals have the most organic food ingredients that is currently available to me. I buy organic meats, organic canned goods (but prefer fresh or home canned), and the seasoning I can. Every little bit of effort, is worth no effort at all. Right?

Best Crock Pot RecipesBest Crock Pot Recipes Ingredients

I have listed the easier to find organic ingredients that I used. 

Sitting down to a meal of this gives you 13% of your target nutrition for the day. We usually make a huge pot, or double batch and eat it for a few days. Like any other dish, left overs always taste better. Right?

If you need more fiber, this will give you 20% of the minimum daily requirement. Or, if you need more protein it gives you 37% of your recommended daily requirements (MDR). 

It has no saturated fats, if you make it as in the recipe below.

Crock Pot Recipes - Nutritional Values

Nutrition Values of the best crockpot recipes.Nutrition Values of the best crockpot recipes.

This meal is packed with

  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Protein

It gives you a boost of energy, and sustains you longer. It is high in the B Vitamins (feel good vitamins), and no saturated fat. 

I have added a handy Salt Table Conversion for you...Click the Save Button or PinIt, or right click and save image on your desktop if you like. Share us to your favorite Social Media below.

Salt table

I hope you will try our "Best Crock Pot Recipe" we call CRAP.

I know silly name, but it's easy to just say, "Let's just fix a pot of crap". Everyone smiles and says, "Yes!"

  1. With the ingredients listed above, turn your crockpot on Sauté or Hot, brown your Ground Beef, then drain.

  2. Pour in 1 lb. of diced tomatoes including juice, then half a cup water (that you clean the can out with).

  3. Add 3/4 to 1 lb. box of Macaroni depending on juiciness desired.

  4. A little Salt and good amount of Pepper

  5. Cover and set to simmer for 30 minutes or longer depending on your chosen heat settings.

  Have it ready when you get home.


  • Use other ground meat of your choice, for vegetarian use favorite substitute.

  • Stove top (done quick, our usual method), same amounts as above, precook macaroni, simmer until ingredients are all hot.

  • Remember, making a double batch gives you more for tomorrow's lunch, and left-overs always taste better.

I also use my Instant Pot for everything from a slow cooker to a canner. Mine is the 8 Quart, and makes family size dishes. It has Non Stick Stainless Steel removable interior with handy inprinted measurements up the insides.

It has a super easy one Touch Pre-Set Buttons that go from a Pressure cooker, to slow cooker, and will stay on warm mode until you are ready to serve it.

Last summer I used it to can 26 quarts of highly nutritious tomatoes. It also makes canning meats and soups...a breeze!

We challenge you to share your best crockpot recipe, and Cronometer screenshots.

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