Machine Knitting Yarns

Here are the yarns I have used with various pieces.  You may custom order any item on my site in almost any color you long as we can find the yarn.  Contact me with what you need.

In most cases, click to enlarge the picture.  All the links outside our site will open in a new window.

Any affiliate links we use will be products I have previously purchased, and usually set to the best (lowest) prices for the item. A portion of all sales go back into yarn for my special pieces, and to various charity drives I do all year. Thet are free to the homeless or families in distress shelters, etc., in my area.

Baby Alpaca Yarns

Baby Alpaca Yarns for all seasons. Breathable, luxuriously soft, and easy to work with.  Click a photo below to learn more.

Lion Brand Yarn Patterns

Red Heart Yarn

I've heard some say they have problems with Red Heart Yarn Supersave, no matter what they resolution they try.  

I have no problems with my Sentro 48 or either of my Addi machines.  Check out my 3 Piece Scuba Set.

All Circular Kitting Machines

Addi King Size Knitting Machine

Addi Express 22 Needle Machine

Addi Tools and Accessories

Sentro Knitting Machines

Machine Knitting Yarn

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