Baby Alpaca Yarns

I love Baby Alpaca yarns.  They are perfect for comfort and fashion.  Here are some great projects, and ways for you to buy or make them.

This Alpaca Scarf is soft, warm, loose weave, lightweight, extra long, and sustainable baby alpaca wool. The detachable tassles give it that extra bling.  The Arm Warmers (below) match in the two piece set.

I made this for someone living in South California who needed a custom 'winter' scarf, but for warmer weather.  Also a fashion statement, and she is very happy with it.  
(Photo coming soon)

Machine: Sentro 48

Length: 60 inches not including tassels

Yarn: Baby Alpaca Yarn

Embellishments: Gold Sparkle Yarn, Tassles

Baby Alpaca Yarns For Arm Warmers

The matching ladies Arm Warmers are light enough to wear for warmth or fashion. Beautiful gold scallop up the side and around the edges. They can also be worn as a size small leg warmer for lady or teen.

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