The Cost To Raise A Chicken

Wondering the cost to raise a chicken?  The easiest answer is to plan on a minimum budget of about $20 per month per chicken for feed.  Feed has, and might continue to increase in price, so you will need to calculate this in for your area.

Free-range chickens will be slightly less, and organic and or medicated feed will cost you more. Different breeds are larger and eat more. While actively laying eggs, a hen needs more food.  

When the temperature begins to rise, chickens tend to eat a little less. Then you have to think of needing more protein in cold weather.

As you know on this site, I don't recommend any service or product I have not tried myself.  I have only ordered my chicks from MyPetChicken and swear by them! 

Starting small makes growing more fun and so much easier later. It's like a try before you buy more period. Fortunately, I have a well ventilated building so managed to repurpose lots of makeshift supplies inside.  

However, if you want to build your own, my biggest suggestion is to buy your...see that below.  You can repurpose wood for free from somewhere, making it even more cost effective.  Here is my favorite, which saved a friend of mine an extra $200, which made it possible for her to build a bigger and better run. It will house 3-4 hens depending on outdoor run space. Last but not least, check out the Top Chicken Coops at the link below.

The Cost To Raise A Chicken Free-Range

Remember, even free-range chickens need roosts, laying boxes, and be safe especially at night.  You must think of predators, they will only be safe if fenced in properly.  Why? Almost everything likes chicken and eggs.

Fencing prices today are very inflated, and chicken wire is a waste of time for a hungry animal.  I highly suggest putting Welded wire or Hardware cloth under, around, and over your coop. Until you get a permanent fence in place, or even afterwards, you can use a Solar Electric fence which also runs on A/C. It's an all in one package that really works and it's moveable.  If you add Hawk netting, it also keeps your chickens from flying over their fence. Seek links that below.

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